• Pin chasing of crankshafts using grinding machines from EMAG Naxos
    Pin chasing
  • Diagonal grinding of crankshafts
    Diagonal grinding
  • Induktionserwaermung 300px 190px
    Induction Heating
  • Preview Vandurit Roll F E E D
    rollFEED® turning
  • Cicular griding for perfect roundness
    Cylindrical grinding
  • ChamferCut procedure allows rapid chamfering processes by the ChamferCut tool
  • Drilling in Action
  • Ecm Teaser
    ECM - Electro-Chemical Machining
  • Ecm Deburring Teaser
    ECM - Deburring
  • Ecm Drilling Teaser
    ECM - Drilling
  • Ecm Inner Forming Teaser
    ECM - Inner forming
  • Pecm Teaser
  • Rotary chamfer and deburring for rapid application of a chamfer on the gearwheel
    Rotary Chamfer & Deburring
  • Grinding on an EMAG SK 204
  • Hard Turning Grinding Teaser
    Hard turning / Grinding
  • Induction Hardening
    Induction hardening
  • Laser welding produces compact, weight-optimised components
    Laser welding
  • Oilfield Technology Teaser
    Oilfield Technology
  • Complete-machining of out-of-round grinding of a camshaft with two slides and four spindles
    Out-of-round grinding
  • Heat Shrink Assembly Teaser
    Heat Shrink Assembly
  • Power Skiving of internal teeth hobbing – the alternative to broaching and gear shaping
    Power Skiving
  • Scroll Free Turning Teaser
    Scroll-free Turning
  • Synchronous Support Grinding Teaser
    Synchronous Support Grinding
  • Turning Gear Cutting Teaser
    Turning / Gear cutting
  • Vertical Turning Teaser
    Vertical turning
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Scroll-free Turning

Scroll-free Turning

The Scroll-free Turning method developed by EMAG offers new opportunities in the machining of precision components. The process is very fast and impresses with outstanding surface finishes that show no score marks. Surfaces that have hitherto been ground can now be skived. However, to use the process economically requires an insight into not only its technological advantages but also its performance limits.

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Scroll-free Turning process is a very fast one

The Scroll-free Turning process is totally different to conventional turning work, as the Scroll-free Turning tool carries out a rolling motion, whereby the cutting edge of an inclined CBN wheel moves over the rotating workpiece and the cutting speed is generated by the workpiece rotation.

With the movements of tool and workpiece overlaid, the contact point of the cutting edge continuously moves along the component surface. This is ideal for the cutting edge; but the load bearing influences are very different to those experienced with conventional turning operations, with the influence of passive forces being noticeably greater.

The Scroll-free Turning process is a very fast one – about 5 to 6 times faster than that of previously known hard turning processes and 2 to 3 times that of grinding, resulting in exceptional surface finishes without any trace of scoring. 

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  • Noticeable reduction in processing time compared to hard turning or grinding
  • Functional surfaces can be machined without scoring (roughness in the region of Ra = 0.6 µm)
  • Possible to use as a finishing operation or as part of a process combination
  • Used in combination with grinding, machining times for bores can be drastically reduced
  • Hard and soft machining possible with EMAG technologies
  • Ideal for applications with gear shafts, bell housings and bore holes (also for steel and aluminum)

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