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02/02/2024 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

EMAG Middle East Announces Opening of Office with International Free Zone in Dubai

The EMAG Group has officially opened its new sales company EMAG Middle East with the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) in Dubai. With this expansion, the company is taking an important step into the fast-growing markets of Central Asia and the Middle East.

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G 160 for components up to module 3 and a maximum O/D (Outer Diameter) of 160 mm.

01/09/2024 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

Grinding solutions from EMAG SU: Extreme surface finish for e-mobility

Particular precision and process reliability have characterized automotive engineering for many decades. With the establishment of e-mobility, however, these demands are increasing once again, because many e-motor components need to be manufactured even more "perfectly." In most cases, this involves…

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EMAG SU SG160, Skygrind, dry gear grinding machine

12/18/2023 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

FATECO project: Together for a greener and safer future

The EU's FATECO project embodies a collaborative partnership to improve road safety trough eco-sustainable mechanical processes. Launched in 2018, the FATECO project brings together a consortium of experts who are working together to reduce the number of vehicle component failures - one of the main…

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