Replacing the safety window

Your machines safety windows should be replaced at least every 10 years. If exposed to extreme stressors, for example due to cooling lubricants, a replacement may be needed sooner. Pay attention to the machine’s condition and production. Particularly in the case of turning and grinding machines, the hazard risk due to high speeds and enormous centrifugal forces should not be under-estimated.

Ensure that the safety window is replaced on a regular basis.

Every safety window has a stamp that lets you know when the window was produced and when it should be replaced. However, the use of cooling lubricants reduces the service life of  safety windows. You should replace the machine’s safety window if it shows any sign of damage or appears to be brittle, as the risk of breaking increases with these conditions. To maintain safe working conditions, please regularly check your safety windows for damage until the replacement deadline – safety should always be the highest priority. When it is time to replace your windows, EMAG can provide you with original windows and ensure they are installed correctly.

If interested, please send us an inquiry for replacing your safety window – then we’ll create an offer that matches your machine type.


  • Protection from accidents at work / ensuring health and safety at work
  • Prevention of any risk of breakage

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