EDNA Health Check: Higher availability through predictive maintenance and lower service costs

EDNA Health Check assesses the condition of your machine by analyzing regular vibration measurements. The combination of EMAG’s expertise and machine learning provides an in-depth look at the state of wear of different machine components.

Machine Learning Algorithms combined with EMAG Expert Knowledge

In what condition is my machine? Which components are defective? When should my machine be serviced? EDNA Health Check provides the answers to these questions. EDNA Health Check combine machine learning algorithms and EMAG’s expertise to detect machine wear.

Highlights EDNA Health Check:

  • Predictive maintenance: early detection of negative trends and condition of machine components
  • Reduction of unplanned downtime
  • Proactive spare parts scheduling - coordinated by EMAG Aftersales Service
  • Health history as a diagram
  • Detailed report of the evaluations

Components in the EDNA Health Check Package

Success Story Example from practice: MAT Machining Europe

  • Before repair: Strong, continuous decrease of the health condition of the x-axis.
  • Early detection by vibration analysis
  • Just-in-time delivery of the required ball screw
  • After repair: immediate restoration of the health status of the x-axis
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