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Machine Tools & Manufacturing Systems for a Huge Range of Applications

Decades of experience in machining, gear cutting, laser welding and electro-chemical machining go into the development and production of state-of-the-art machine tools from EMAG. The result: cutting-edge manufacturing solutions for a multitude of applications.

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The Factory of the Future is Connected

Our philosophy for digitization at EMAG is simple: Make the lives of our customers easier. Whether you want to visualize production figures, optimize shifts or prevent machine downtimes—we have the right solution for all these problems.


After Sales & Service

EMAG After Sales & Service - More than just Spare Parts

The EMAG service program has much more to offer than just spare parts for your machines. For example, in addition to inspections, maintenance and repairs, our technical services also include measures to increase productivity or cost-effectiveness through process optimization.

Of course, we also offer services on the subject of IoT. Many older machines can be upgraded thanks to our modern EDNA IoT products, such as the e.g. the EDNA IoT Core or the EDNA Sense.

After Sales & Service

EMAG Academy

Ensure Your production Runs Like Clockwork

There is one factor that is becoming increasingly important in daily competition: well-trained, motivated employees.
With experienced trainers and the right formats and methods, we make your employees and your company successful - sustainably and demonstrably.

EMAG Academy

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EMAG provides a worldwide service network. You benefit from our speed and global branch offices.

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