Electro-Chemical Drilling

Chip-producing drilling is a fast and effective process for many applications.
However, what to do when the pressure on the tool that is supposed to mill into super hard materials is too great, or complex components with hollow sections make milling difficult? An Electro-chemical Machining drilling prozess (ECM-Drilling) opens up new possibilities and offers effective processes for such scenarios.

ECM - Drilling: Tooling Costs Reduced

ECM-drilling shows almost no tool wear. Even where hard materials are machined, the life expectancy of the drilling cathode is greatly extended.

The decisive advantage of this process becomes obvious in the machining of complex, hard to access components - for instance in the opening up of hollow sections. Electro-chemical drilling is a process that leaves no burrs or distortions. A separete deburring operation is not required. Another advantage is that a large number of holes (20 or more) can be drilled simultaneously with ECM - for instance when machining a camshaft. In summary: electro-chemical drilling offers short cycle times and a lean process.

ECM-Drilling of Pistons: Precision Guaranteed

Downsizing, turbocharging and direct injection: these catchwords hide the ever greater demands made on the pistons used in engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

For one, they are made of high-tensile alloys to permanently withstand the stresses they are subjected to. For another, latest engine concepts call for a piston geometry of greater complexity. In these situations electro-chemical drilling comes into its own. 

Electro-Chemical Drilling: A Lean Process

Not only is there very little tool wear in ECM-drilling, the hardness of the material has no influence on feedrates. There are neither burrs nor distortions. This has advantages, especially when it comes to complex components like pistons: downstream deburring operations are a thing of the past.

ECM-drilling is a highly efficient process for the machining of hard to access bores and hollow sections. For example, the manufacture of pistons with cooling channels profits greatly from the use of the ECM-drilling process.

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