Data Backup

Increase system availability by supporting worn hard drives with new, wear-free storage media. Without data backup, a failure in the control unit’s internal hard drive will result in loss and long machine downtimes. Alternatively, you can use a flash drive for additional storage.

Overview of the range of offers:

  • Machine or component identification
  • Advice on modernization issues and offerings
  • Complete backup of machine data
  • Installation of the storage device and re-starting of machine operation
  • For data archiving, we provide you with a complete machine backup at the time of conversion

Take advantages of all of our data backup services at our permanent pricing.

Advantages compared to hard drives

  • Long term availability
  • Much more cost-efficient
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Wear-free
  • Long service life

At the time of Retrofitting

After retrofitting by the ServicePlus experts, the system is ready for operation again, and has as a one-year warranty on all replacement parts.

At Machine Restart

We provide you with a complete backup of all machine data at the time of retrofitting.

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