Partnership-based maintenance

Only servicing machines after defects or downtimes leads to two things: increased unplanned downtimes and exploding maintenance costs. The EMAG partnership-based maintenance solution helps to avoid that.

This concept combines maintenance according to standard requirements and preventive maintenance that helps to improve the maintenance skills of your own employees and benefit from the support of the EMAG ServicePlus experts.

Partnership brings success

With this service, we combine our customers skills and experience with the expertise of our EMAG specialists. This combination allows us to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The amount of maintenance required is based on the condition and use of your machine, and the services required from the EMAG ServicePlus team is dictated by the skills of your maintenance team.  


  • Optimized maintenance concept
  • Reduction of service costs
  • Training for service employees, keeping them technically up-to-date
  • Parts are replaced according to requirements, i.e. the condition and the load profile
  • By promptly replacing small parts (strippers, seals, etc.), the failure of expensive subassemblies is prevented
  • Scheduled maintenance timelines based on findings from previous maintenance inspections
  • Better economic efficiency and performance, as well as constant production quality due to higher availability and significantly fewer unplanned downtimes
  • Continued machine advancement as the most up-to-date version of components are always used when replacements are made

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