Replacement Modules

Reduce machine downtimes, cost-effectively, by replacing a complete production module. Instead of replacing or repairing an individual part, we replace and install an entire module. Although costs for this are higher at first, you will benefit from shorter machine downtimes and replacement modules that have been completely updated and verified.

Replacement modules are a clever concept for restoring machine availability

You always receive service parts as good as new at a lower price. The replaced assemblies are taken back by EMAG and repaired at our locations or, if necessary, modernized again. Afterwards, these components are available again as as-new service parts.

The following services are included when you purchase a replacement module:

  • Complete replacement packages for a variety of EMAG machines
  • Mechanical subassemblies, such as:

     - Feed drives at all axes (savings of up to 35% compared to new parts)

     - Spindle units (savings of 35-40% compared to new parts)

     - Cold storage units (savings of up to 35% compared to new parts)

     - Driven tool drives (savings of up to 25% compared to new parts)

With the replacement module concept, you save up to 50% on the following components:

  • Headstock units
  • Turret units
  • Driven tool drives
  • Feed drives

The components are state-of-the-art, pre-assembled and tested. You are provided with quality and reliability directly by the manufacturer.


  • Shorter and easy to plan machine downtimes
  • Long term accuracy and reliability due to high-precision assembly
  • Tested and verified for increased productivity
  • Optimization of the machine’s availability
  • Use of the latest spare parts
  • Significant cost advantage in the overall analysis
  • Just-in-time delivery results in warehouse stocks

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