Control system upgrades at EMAG: faster - more cost-effective - easier

The performance of a CNC machine tool is dependent on the performance of its control system - and this technology is developing very quickly: While the mechanics function well without major changes, the control technology continues to develop rapidly.

Faster Processes – Improved Networking

Replacing the control system often leads to a significant increase in productivity - for example, because the higher computing capacity makes more dynamic processes in the machine possible, energy consumption can be reduced or the machine can be equipped with comprehensive production networks (IoT After Sales)

This allows for the different systems to be standardized, reducing the risk of operating errors.

Machine Builder Task

However, the new control system must be perfectly adapted to existing drives, tool systems or measuring units - a task that must be performed by the original machine builder. EMAG offers its customers a comprehensive service package for upgrading their control systems. It ranges from new cabling and the installation of a new control panel, to the integration of a new CNC control system and the installation of modern operating devices. 

If required, all measurements can be taken very quickly and perfectly planned at the customer's site - so machine downtime is minimal.


  • Targeted increase of output
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Standardizing operating concepts
  • On-site service
  • IoT After Sales

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