Manufacturing Solutions for E-bike Motors

E-bikes have long since established themselves as an alternative means of transport. In cities in particular, two wheels are often a faster way of getting around than four. This makes the e-bike the ideal means of transport for commuters. New bike trends, such as cargo bikes, now even allow for heavy and bulky items to be transported – again with assistance from small, powerful electric motors.

Manufacturing solutions for e-bike motors
EMAG develops manufacturing solutions for the e-bike industry. EMAG offers suitable solutions for many components in the e-drive of e-bikes.

E-bikes – a sector going places

According to the industry association Cycling Industries Europe, around 4.5 million electric bikes were sold in Europe in 2020 – an increase of 25 percent on the previous year. And the association does not see the boom ending any time soon. It expects sales to increase by another 50 percent between now and 2030. The reason for this is simple: E-bikes are fun and a great alternative to other means of transport, particularly in an urban setting. EMAG also noticed this trend, and started to develop manufacturing solutions for the sector some years ago.

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