EMAG Retrofit: A second product life for your machine tool

For your used EMAG machine or production line to be able to deliver top performance after remanufacturing, the expertise of the original manufacturer is crucial. EMAG's retrofit specialists know the design, components, and processes inside and out. They create high-performance solutions that can hold their own against new machines, but involve considerably lower investment costs. In addition, the retrofit solution is available very quickly, because lead times at EMAG Retrofit are short.  

All services from a single source

The customer also benefits from turnkey service: EMAG examines the used machine, conceptualizes a solution, creates a comprehensive quotation, designs and executes the process, and guides the production launch. All work is focused on the customer's manufacturing goals—depending on the task's requirements, new tool systems, a different control, or automation technology may be integrated into the new production solution.

From turning machine to turning and grinding center

For example, a used turning machine may be transformed into a highly advanced turning and grinding center—creating new opportunities for the shop. Not only does this allow different parts to be produced, it also results in economic advantages, because newer tool systems frequently permit higher feed rates and rates of metal removal, and shorter cycle times. Unit costs decrease.  

New-machine quality

When retrofitting, the EMAG specialists always keep the entire machining process in mind, and reconfigure NC programs, control, tool guidance, and travel paths to suit the modified tool system. The process reliability is the same as that of a new machine—a promise that is verified by a range of quality tests. EMAG's retrofit solution also comes with a CE marking in accordance with the 2006 Directive, or a declaration of conversion.    

EMAG also offers this retrofit for all the corporation's technology categories—from turning and grinding to laser welding; from induction hardening to electro-chemical machining. 


  • Complete service from process design to production launch
  • Integration of new technologies and automation solutions
  • Original-quality spare parts from the manufacturer
  • Low investment cost
  • Quick delivery time
  • Flexible processes—e.g. remanufacturing can also be done at the production site
  • Precise implementation to specifications

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