Automation Solutions: Focus on the tailor-made Solution  

Automated production technology, tailored to meet component and material flow requirements – EMAG is developing several automation solutions with this in mind. The entire production process is quicker, less prone to error and more cost effective.

Our diverse automation system products range from automation solutions with gantries and our TrackMotion automation system to robot cells and our stacking cells in the SCS series. This range of automation solutions allows EMAG to cater to a multitude of production scenarios.

Automation Systems: Faster Material Flow for Higher Productivity

Do you want to compensate for missing manpower while simplifying processes or simply reduce your unit costs? An ideal basis for this purpose is provided by the latest generation of automation solutions. It is by no means necessary to think about "large lines" from the onset. On the contrary, EMAG is also developing small automation solutions, which can be interlinked with EMAG's own TrackMotion technology or by means of a robot cell. And this all comes from a single source and is adapted precisely to meet the needs of the customer.

1st Automation Solution: Interlinking using TrackMotion

The principle: A lifting and flip-over carriage removes raw parts from a parts storage unit and transports them at a speed of up to 150 meters per minute to the machine or even though it. The pick-up spindle then takes over and feeds the component to the machining process. The component then lands back on the outer drag frame and is transported by a TransLift unit to the next machine or the out feeding conveyor.

TrackMotion Automation System

2nd Automation Solution: Interlinking using a Robot Cell

The principle: EMAG interlinks its machines with very different robot solutions. The parts are fed to the robot, for example with feeding and out feeding conveyors, palletizers, drawers or by means of bin picking – the robot utilizes these systems to pick up new parts or deposit finished ones.

Robot Automation Cells

3rd Automation Solution: SCS Stacking Cells

The standardized SCS storage solutions from EMAG ensure continuous material flow in your production with EMAG machines. The systems enable fast loading and unloading of the machines – in effect, your production is virtually never at a standstill. The SCS automation system is a storage solution with pallets or baskets that can be integrated remarkably well in individual machines or production solutions.

SCS Stacking Cells