Gear Shaping: Perfect External and Internal Gearing at One Second Intervals

For those who want to produce gearing on workpieces with interfering contours – including a small overrun – gear shaping is frequently the only option. This method can also be used to produce grooves.

Highly productive gear shaping with tool changer  

The method is a combination of two main motions: rolling and shaping. There are two processes in total:

  • First, the gear is shaped radially (without a rolling motion) and in one position – this is called linear infeed. Only once this has been done does the rolling motion start and the other teeth are created.
  • With helical infeed, on the other hand, all teeth are machined at the same time. The movement of the tool “into the depths” is therefore combined with the rolling motion. The first step here is a greater radial infeed, which is increasingly scaled back the deeper the tool penetrates the gearing.

Once the tool reaches the bottom of the gearing during the shaping step, it lifts up slightly off the workpiece. This prevents the cutting edges making contact with the newly formed gearing during the return stroke. This also reduces tool wear.

Overall, the process is very flexible, and can be used to produce spur and helical gearing with small overruns at the end of the gearing. The tools are cost-effective, and can be used for different numbers of teeth with the same module. The tool determines the profile shape. Flank line modifications are controlled via NC axes.

EMAG: Many options for maximum productivity

The EMAG SU gear shaping machines have the shaping head on a moving Z-slide, which can be precisely positioned. The stroke of the spindle is adjusted via an NC axis. Optional solutions:

  • Electronic helical guide for helical gearing
  • NC axis for shaping crowned and conical gearing
  • Shuttle shaping
  • Shaping of featherkey slots
  • Double helical gearing
  • Steady for machining gear shafts – can be retracted from the work area for shaping internal gearing.
  • Tool changer for quickly switching from carbide roughing tools to HSS finishing tools.

All gear shaping machines have a dialog-based software, which greatly simplifies their operation, for example when selecting different feed methods such as helical or linear penetration.

Advantages Gear Shaping

  • Flexible: Gear shaping machines can produce spur and helical internal and external gearing.
  • Universal: They can machine many components for which other methods are not suitable.


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