Programming – DIN ISO basics

This course is best suited for newcomers in CNC programming. The basic theoretical knowledge in DIN ISO programming is communicated in the classroom. This is coupled with practical applications at an EMAG training machine.


EMAG Academy Salach




3 - 6


The benefits

  • You will become familiar with the design of the EMAG manufacturing system and its axes designations
  • You will become familiar with the general construction of a CNC program, its G- and M-functions and their significance
  • You will be able to program more complex turning, drilling and milling operations
  • You will be able to program directly at the machine and edit and optimize existing CNC programs to suit new requirements


  • Faster from drawing to production
  • To boost your professional competence and sense of responsibility
  • To increase machine availability

Central elements

  • Technical machine data
  • The machine’s coordinate system
  • The use of different workpiece zero points
  • General program construct and programming strategy
  • Use of subroutines
  • F-functions, M-functions and their significance
  • NC mathematics
  • Working with tool nose radius offsets
  • Programming of contours with chamfers and corner radii
  • Tool geometries and definition of the tool in the geometry storage sector of the control system
  • Drilling and milling with C- and Y-axis
  • Transformations


Basic knowledge of general turning and milling technology


Operators, setters, supervisors, team leaders, planning engineers, programmers

Course duration

4 days

Important supplementary course

  • Practical training
  • Run-in and optimization of new workpiece programs


Manuela Sijan


EMAG Academy

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