Data Science Pipeline

Basis for data-based manufacturing

The Data Sciene Pipeline: The Basis for Data-Driven Manufacturing

As you can imagine, networked machines generate a large amount of data. Virtually every value of a machine can be captured: from the position of each axis, to the temperature, to the power consumption, and much more. This happens not just once, but hundreds of times per second. Now, to bring this huge amount of raw data into a form that you can work with it, that's what we developed the Data Science Pipeline for.

What is a data pipeline?

As already mentioned, a large amount of data is generated in manufacturing. However, much of this data is not needed at all. Often only a small part of the data is needed, for example to train an algorithm that monitors the axes. Or the data has to be split up in order to be able to display it on the EDNA dashboards, for example.  The task is always the same: The data must be collected, processed and transported to the right places - this is then called a data pipeline. 
There is a wide range of use cases for such a data pipeline. Therefore, the design of this pipeline is one of the core elements of any data strategy and thus also of data-optimized manufacturing. 

Benefit from our experts' wealth of experience in building data pipelines in an industrial context. From the consolidation of machine data across different manufacturers, to the visualization of production data, to data warehouse strategies to enable successful data science.  Let us advise you without obligation.