Programming – Machining and contour cycles

Machining cycles are technology subroutines with which you can define certain operational sequences quicker and easier – for example the tapping of a thread or the milling of a pocket – than with the usual DIN ISO programming procedure. These cycles can be adapted to particular tasks using function parameters. For the technologies drilling, milling and turning the system offers you different standard cycles.


EMAG Academy Salach




3 - 6


The benefits

  • You will be familiar with the design of the EMAG manufacturing system and its axes designations
  • You will be able to program complex turning, drilling and milling operations using standard and contouring cycles
  • You will be able to program directly at the machine and to edit and optimize existing CNC programs to suit changing requirements


  • Faster from drawing to production
  • To boost your professional competence and sense of responsibility
  • To increase machine availability

Central elements

  • Technical machine data
  • The machine’s coordinate system
  • Use of different workpiece zero points
  • Contour cycles: straight lines with angles
  • Two and three straight lines
  • Endpoint programming with angle
  • List of existing machining cycles
  • Operator guidance for cycle call-up
  • Error messages and how to deal with them
  • Cycle programming: plunge-cut cycle, undercut cycle, machining cycle, threading, thread undercuts
  • Chains of threads


Basic knowledge of general turning and milling technology, basic knowledge of DIN ISO programming


Operators, setters, supervisors, team leaders, planning engineers, programmers

Course duration

4 days

Important supplementary course

  • Practical training
  • Run-in and optimization of new workpiece programs


Manuela Sijan


EMAG Academy