In-house training

Our in-company training courses, which take place in the respective company, offer an alternative to our training sessions at the Salach Training Center or in our Technology Schools around the world.


Our trainers impart specialist knowledge and skills for the optimum operation of your EMAG manufacturing solution with a customized and hands-on approach, adapted to company-specific features.

The benefits:

  • You receive training courses that are adapted to your requirements in terms of content, venue and schedule
  • You can use the course content effectively and apply it directly to your machines
  • You save time – your whole team can be trained to achieve a uniformly high level of knowledge in the shortest possible time using a hands-on approach
  • You have more flexibility in how you organize your training course. You can combine training with retooling or inspection intervals, for example
  • You save money since your staff do not incur any travelling expenses or costs for overnight stays 


  • To ensure high production yields on a permanent basis and to regularly increase these yields
  • To increase the process reliability of manufacturing processes
  •  To increase machine availability
  • To achieve a high level of quality and precision in manufacturing
  • To detect and enhance machine flexibility
  • To extend and enhance specialist skills and to increase and strengthen the participants’ sense of responsibility 

Key content:

Core topics same as in training program but with individual adaptation to your company or machine-specific requirements and wishes

Course participants:

Machine operators, set-up technicians and maintenance technicians 

Number of participants:

Up to 8 employees or according to agreement

Course duration:

By agreement

Figure based on experience: min. 3 days

Training course venue:

At the customer’s premises


Manuela Sijan


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