EC Data ensures traceability of production and quality data

EC Data is a software package that provides traceability of production and quality data for a workpiece. In case of production lines consisting of several machining units, the data is collected centrally and made available on an SQL server for further processing. EC Data also provides export interfaces for Q-DAS, Excel, and many other systems.

EC Data – Workpiece tracking of operating, process and quality data in complex machines and manufacturing systems

EC Data provides traceability for every single workpiece. This includes storing of all information about machining results as well as the documentation of operating and process data for the machines. Each workpiece is assigned a unique name for identification. EC Data controls the naming and data management, even across multiple manufacturing systems. The result is a history for each workpiece that includes all relevant technical production information.

Production results remain available even years later, ensuring seamless quality control and documentation. For example, workpiece identification allows parts that were removed from the manufacturing process for external quality control to be introduced back into the manufacturing process. Since the full machining history is available, the workpiece will be automatically transported to its next production step for completion.

EC Data software modules

  • EC Data NC: Software for generating the operating, process, and quality data; 1 required per control unit
  • EC Data PC: Collecting of operating and process data for individual machines, results visualization
  • EC Data DB: Server for data concentration and storage

System requirements

  • EMAG machine tools with SINUMERIK 840Dsl
  • ETHERNET infrastructure for connecting the machine tool (provided by customer)
  • Identifiable workpieces with unique identifiers (e.g. DMC) and corresponding readers at the machines; alternatively, integration in revolving workpiece carrier systems using RFID chips.
  • Server infrastructure provided by customer if necessary

Advantages EC Data

  • Meets the requirement for data traceability
  • Logging of process and operating data for machines and manufacturing systems
  • Support for offline stations (measuring stations, batch processes, etc.)
  • Use of IT standards (Ethernet, SQL server, etc.)
  • Export function (*.xml, *.csv, Q-DAS, etc.)
  • Advanced data management, use of mobile clients
  • Simple project configuration and start-up
  • Individual adjustments possible

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