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EMAG at the EMO 2019 in Hanover: The Sequel to a Successful Event Concept

What does the automotive future hold? This question is one way you could briefly summarize the motto of the EMAG Group's 2019 Technology Forum held at its headquarters this May.

The technology forum is traditionally held in the same year as the EMO trade show and offers visitors a preview of what EMAG will present at the EMO. This year, the event provided visitors with a comprehensive outlook on what suppliers and manufacturers will have to do to be prepared for the changes in the coming decade.


As stated in the press release for the event…

… high-caliber research experts reported on how electromobility and digitalization will change mobility. Visitors were also able to see, first-hand, the latest manufacturing systems and machines available at a number of themed booths. According to the visitor survey conducted at the conclusion of the event, this concept really hit the mark. That is why we are hosting an "event sequel" at the EMO exhibition in Hanover, Germany.  

Solving problems requires the right tools and expertise - one is useless without the other. That is why we'll be presenting both at the EMAG booth at the EMO in Hanover: The latest machine tools and automation solutions, which will celebrate their world premiere at the EMO.

(We will feature regular updates on this topic in the coming weeks on the EMAG Group’s blog https://www.emag.com/blog/en)

We'll also demonstrate the expertise necessary to combine these machines and the variety of technologies available within the EMAG Group's umbrella of companies, to create the most efficient manufacturing solutions. In the “themed areas,” which will be entirely dedicated to the production of specific groups of components, visitors will find answers to their specific production questions and the matching manufacturing solution. These solutions range from single-machines all the way to fully automatic manufacturing lines that are delivered to customers turnkey and ready for operation—including the entire development process.

E-Mobility: Is Everything Going to Change?

One of the mega topics at the EMAG Group’s technology forum was e-mobility and its implications for manufacturers and suppliers. Visitors gained the following insight:  Yes, changes are coming, but at a much slower pace than expected. So, should we carry on as usual? No, this is the perfect time to position yourself and your company for the future. Which components will be needed? What manufacturing solutions are available? What investments should I expect? EMO visitors will find answers to these questions, and more at the EMAG Group’s booth. You will find not only new components, but things such as differentials or brake discs that will still be required regardless of the drive technology implemented. EMAG will be showcasing the production solutions for not only these components, but many more revealing major insights from the 2019 Technology Forum. 

True to the EMO Motto: Smart Technologies Driving Tomorrow's Production

Networking will be another major topic for the EMAG Group at the EMO. And, it will be considered from different perspectives. The ServicePlus app for smartphones and tablets ensures optimal networking between customers and the EMAG Service department. Simply scan a QR code on the machine using the app and you will be able to directly communicate with the Service department, request a service callback or directly initiate a spare parts inquiry. The benefits are obvious: our service technicians immediately know which machine is involved and its exact configuration and users can automatically speak to the right contact. All communication performed on the EMAG ServicePlus app is hosted on an EMAG owend server, guaranteeing the highest security standards. 

Ongoing developments of the EMAG Group’s industry 4.0 applications are intended to manage the networking between EMAG machines. In this context, EMAG will show, among other things, how data can be visualized. Using a model, visitors will be able to gain perspective on how the data flows. All you need to do is to visit the booth and experience it for yourself.

An entirely different type of networking, namely between 17 project partners and the German machine tool builders' association VDW has led to the development of umati (universal machine tool interface), which will be introduced for the first time at the EMO. A demonstration of the interface standard will be shown in hall 9 and professional visitors will be able to get first-hand knowledge about the project. You can also experience how it will be implemented at EMAG at the industry 4.0 themed booth.

The EMAG Group will be showing a whole array of solutions for the most diverse applications in hall 17 at booth C 29. The corresponding processes stretch from raw parts all the way to final high-precision fine machining—made possible by the group’s broad range of technologies. If you are searching for concrete, efficient production solutions - make sure you visit the EMAG Group's booth at EMO. 

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