EDNA Health Check Lite

Monitoring current health condition on demand

EDNA Health Check Lite – Monitoring current health condition of your machine on demand

Do you know the EMAG Fingerprint? With EDNA Health Check Lite, there is no need to call an EMAG service technician for a Fingerprint measurement anymore.

Reduce unplanned downtimes manually with less effort – EDNA Health Check Lite

If you want to characterize the current health condition of your machine, just press a button on your HMI, and the machine performs the measurement cycle between two produced parts while the machine is in automatic mode. You can download the measurement-file from your IoT Core and send it to the EMAG experts who send a detailed report about the condition of your machine components and all you pay is the price for the report.

Our experts will determine machine wear and give recommendations on which parts need maintenance or what to do in order to prolong their life.

Advantages EDNA Health Check Lite

  • Insights of your machine health on demand
  •  Easy access to measurement file
  •  Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  •  Detailed report of the evaluations