CNC grinding machines from EMAG—Machine overview

Grinding Machines for Cylindrical and Non-Round Workpieces

EMAG manufactures grinding machines for a wide range of applications. Whether its internal or external cylindrical grinding, non-round machining for parts such as cams or crankshaft grinding – EMAG provides the right technology!


Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers for High-Output Production

With its vertical grinding centers, EMAG offers high-output manufacturing solutions for both shaft and chucked parts. The successful machines of the VLC and VTC series combine cutting-edge grinding technology with the well-known pick-up system. This results in compact and extremely efficient grinding machines for medium to high-volume series production.

Vertical turning and grinding centers for chucked parts

Vertical turning and grinding centers for shaft parts



Crankshaft Grinding Machines

For decades, EMAG NAXOS-UNION has been recognized as an established brand of crankshaft grinding machines for the production of truck and passenger vehicle engines. These machines have set industry standards with its CBN technology and pin chasing process combination. Available as single-wheel machines with one spindle, dual-head machines with two spindles, or as angle plunge machines – these CNC grinding systems are perfect for crankshaft machining.

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Impression Cylinder Grinders

The machine for grinding pressure cylinders can be equipped with one or two grinding slides and can be fitted with both CBN and aluminum oxide grinding wheels.

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Cam and Camshaft Grinders from EMAG KOPP

The camshaft grinding specialists at EMAG KOPP offer the optimal manufacturing solution with its extremely flexible SN series, perfect for the production of parts for motorcycles, automotive camshafts or camshafts for large diesel engines. 

The SK 204 is specifically designed as a manually loaded grinding machine for the non-round machining of workpieces. The machine can be used to perform both internal and external machining. 

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Internal and Face Grinding Machines for Small Chucked Components

The VG 110 vertical grinding machine is a complete solution for the precision machining (ex. internal and external grinding) of small chucked parts. With the VG 110 modular series, users can choose to perform classic grinding processes or make full use of its multi-functionality with the combined turning and grinding process in a single clamping operation. 

The VG 110 can be equipped with one or two grinding spindles to create a complete grinding machine. This system is the perfect grinding machine for both high-precision internal cylindrical grinding and external cylindrical grinding.  

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Cylindrical Grinders for Shafts—The HG Series

With its HG machines, EMAG offers manufacturing solutions for the cylindrical grinding of shafts with an attractive price-performance ratio. This is achieved by the cylindrical grinders’ modular design. The HG series machines are available as both manually loaded and fully automated versions with gantry loader.

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