• 1
    CVT Pulley
  • The rotor shafts for electric motors are produced completely on EMAG machines.
    Rotor shaft (electric motor)
  • Articulated cage—produced on an EMAG vertical turning center VTC 100-4
    Articulated cage
  • PECM for the machining of blisks
  • Brake Disc Preview
    Brake disc
  • Cam Preview
  • Composite camshaft for a small engine
    Composite camshaft (joining)
  • Automobile crankshaft machined on the PM 2 series.
    Crankshaft (automobile)
  • Crankshaft For Small Engines Preview
    Crankshaft (for small engines)
  • CV joints make high demands on the machining technology. Core components: Kingpins, articulated cage, joint ball
    CV Joints
  • Dies Preview
  • Differential pinion—precision machining on VL machines
    Differential pinion
  • Differential Housing Preview
    Differential housing
  • Distributor Flange Preview
    Distributor flange
  • Feed Screw Preview
    Feed screw
  • Flange manufactured on VL 2 lathes
  • Gears are machined on EMAG VL series machines
  • Gear Shaft Preview
    Gear shaft
  • Composite gear shaft manufactured with high precision by the use of EMAG heat shrink assembly technology.
    Gear shaft (joining)
  • Gear Shaft Laser Welding Preview
    Gear shaft (laser welding)
  • Gear With Synchronising Wheel Preview
    Gear with synchronising wheel
  • Gear of an automobile gearbox manufactured on a VLC 200 H
    Hobbing gears
  • Injectorbody Preview
    Injector body
  • Machines by the EMAG Group for Outer Race Production
    Outer Race
  • Master Brake Cylinder Preview
    Master brake cylinder
  • To machine pistons with precision poses a particular challenge for all manufacturing solutions
  • Pump ring production on the high-precision SK 204 grinder
    Pump ring
  • Railway wheel manufactured with precision on VLC 1200 turning centers
    Railway wheel
  • Roll rings are precision components
    Roll ring
  • Screw Preview
    Worm Gear
  • Sprocket Preview
  • Sprocket Preview
    Sprocket (Manufacturing System)
  • Steering pinions can be machined with great precision on the EMAG VT machine
    Steering pinions
  • Triple Sector Clutch Preview
    Triple-sector clutch
  • Surface layer hardening an armature shaft on an eldec MIND 750
    Armature shaft
  • Input Shaft Preview
    Input shaft
  • Balanceshaft Preview
    Balance shaft
  • Induction hardening through precision control
    Hydraulic Valve
  • Cast Camshaft Preview
  • Hardening shifter shafts with induction hardening
    Shifter Shaft
  • Surface layer hardening with the eldec hardening machine
    Wheel Hub
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Outer Race

Outer Race Production – Efficient and Low-Cost

Outer races are difficult to machine with a traditional machining process. EMAG turning centers and ball track milling machines are customized to the specific processing task required to produce outer races, guaranteeing excellent results.

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Precise Manufacturing of CV Joints – Focus on: Outer Races

The production of outer races is demanding on both the machine and the machining technology. Excellent quality for the ball tracks, tight tolerances in turning operations, and high volumes are required. To meet these demands, EMAG offers optimized manufacturing systems for the production of CV joint workpieces such as outer races, inner races and cages. These manufacturing processes are customized to each individual customer’s workpieces, which guarantees high productivity and availability.  

Outer Race Machining

The machines of the VSC series are designed for the highly productive manufacturing of outer races. By combining the turning and milling machining operations, the outer races are completely machined  in one clamping operation. The twin-spindle design ensures outstanding productivity.

Solutions for Outer Race Variants: 

  • Outer race processing – Fixed joint
  • Outer race processing – Sliding joint


  • Internal soft turning of outer races
  • Soft milling of ball tracks
  • Internal hard turning of outer races
  • Hard milling of ball tracks

Other Technologies Available from the EMAG Group

  • Induction hardening of outer races on EMAG eldec induction hardening machines including the VLC 100 IH series

Hardening of Outer Races – Fast, Controlled, Ideal for Line Integration

The VLC 100 IH is an induction hardening machine for the hardening of outer races that also utilizes the EMAG pick-up technique. The outer races are picked up automatically by the pick-up spindle with a center-drive chuck, and moved to the machining area for the hardening process, allowing the internal and external hardening of the outer races to be complete in just one clamping operation

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  • The double-wall construction (gantry design) of the machine ensures outstanding stability. The machine base is created with thermally stable polymer concrete
  • Both soft and hard machining can be done with just one machine
  • Hard turning and hard milling in a single machine; full internal machining in one clamping operation = no clamping errors
  • Fully automatic production, easy machine integration into production systems
  • Customized design of the entire production system: both single-spindle and twin-spindle available

Process Chain for Outer Race Machining

Outer races are processed with a wide range of technologies: Turning, ball track milling, induction hardening

Process chain for outer race machining

Outer Race Manufacturing Systems from EMAG!

Outer races are produced in several steps within the process chain.

Complete manufacturing systems for the production of outer races


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