This seminar is intended for participants with work experience in the machining of metals. This detailed, easily understood and product-independent seminar is presented by experienced instructors and application specialists.


EMAG Academy Salach




3 - 20


250,- €


The benefits

  • You will receive a practical insight into materials science and cutting materials as well as different machining processes based on the subject of grinding.

Key content:

  • Fundamentals of grinding technology:
    - Grinding processes
    - Grinding tools
    - Machine concepts
    - Machine components
  • Trueing technology:
    -Purpose of trueing
    - Stationary trueing tools
    - Rotating trueing tools
    - Dressing parameters
    - Contact detection
    - Forces during trueing
  • Cutting fluid:
    - Why is cooling required during grinding?
    - Categorization of cutting fluid
    - Pressures and quantities
    - Filtering
    - Cutting fluid nozzles
  • Combined machining:
    - Technologies
    - Machine concept
    - Application
  • Errors during grinding
    - Effects on the grinding process
    - Classification of grinding errors
    - Vibrations during grinding
    - Visual grinding errors
    - Thermal grinding errors


Course participants:

This course has been designed for participants with professional experience in the field of metal machining.

Please notice:

In case of the non-achievement of the minimum number of 3 participants we reserve the right to shift the appointment of this Seminar.