Run-in and optimisation of new workpiece programs

The course is directed toward students with little hands-on experience with EMAG machines. Based on what they have learned during the maintenance course “Servicing mechanics” or their theoretical knowledge, we offer them the opportunity to practice what they have learned.


EMAG Academy Salach




3 - 6


The benefits

  • You will feel comfortable working with the EMAG manufacturing system and its controls
  • You will be able to set up the machine according to the tooling layout, enter the necessary data and run-in new workpiece programs
  • You will be able to determine the workpiece quality and carry out corrections, where necessary; you will also receive valuable advice on how to reduce idle times


  • To increase machine availability by increasing operating safety
  • Faster from drawing to production

Central elements

  • Hands-on training in the use of operating elements and in managing operating cycles
  • Read-in of existing workpiece programs
  • Reading tooling layouts
  • Gauging tools and entering cutting edge data
  • Setting up the tooling system
  • Workpiece and workpiece program selection at the control panel
  • Test-running the workpiece program block by block
  • Checking workpiece dimensions
  • Carrying out tool corrections and simple program edits


Operators, setters, supervisors, team leaders, planning engineers, programmers

Number of participants:

3 – 6 participants

Course duration:

Minimum of 2 days recommended

Available practice machines


Manuela Sijan


EMAG Academy

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