• Dual-spindle turning center—VL 1 TWIN for high-output production
    VL 1 TWIN / VLC 50 TWIN
  • V L 3 D U O Preview
    VL 3 DUO
  • VL 5 DUO
  • Vsc 250 Duo Preview
  • Vsc 160 Twin Preview
  • Vsc 200 Trio Preview
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Multi-Spindle Machines – VSC TWIN

The VSC TWIN automatic lathes are high-performance, high-precision vertical multi-spindle machines for mass production, simultaneously machining two workpieces. The VSC TWIN series of automatic lathes combine high-yield production with a small footprint.

EMAG VSC TWIN multi-spindle machines ensure workpiece diameter and length can be corrected for each spindle individually – a requirement for achieving the kind of precision demanded by today’s production environment.

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VSC TWIN Automatic Lathes – Twice the Components from the Same Footprint

The TWIN-type automatic lathes are used to simultaneously machine large batches of workpiece pairs with identical operating cycles on a minimum footprint. A single machining area features two work spindles and the overhead slides of these automatic lathes are separate entities. Both slides and their spindles feature separate X- and Z-axis drives and separate measuring systems with linear scales in all axes.

Technical Data

Chuck diameter, max. mm
130 / 250
5 / 10
Swing diameter mm
180 / 260
7 / 10
Workpiece diameter, nominal mm
130 / 200
5 / 8
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
160 / 200
6.5 / 8

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  • Every machine is a manufacturing cell that utilizes the pick-up spindle to load itself
  • Extremely short loading and unloading times
  • Multi-functional production center: turning, drilling, milling, grinding, gear cutting, laser application and other processes
  • The workpiece travels while the tooling systems remain stationary offering ideal chip flow conditions, as the tools are located below the workpiece (also ideal for dry machining)
  • The hydro-static bearings of the work spindle in Z-axis guarantee outstanding component quality and an extended tool life for soft and hard machining
  • All machine assemblies with a bearing on accuracy are fluid-cooled
  • Safe, no-wear, maintenance-free machining area envelope



Vsc Duo Twin En

Vsc Duo Twin En


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