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Electrochemical Machining with the modular PI 800

Electrochemical Machining with the modular PI 800

Premium Integrated (PI) 800: The optimal entry-level machine for the (P)ECM process

With the PI modular machine platform, EMAG’s successful concept, i.e. same basic structure combined with customized technology, now also makes inroads at EMAG ECM. This offers you maximum flexibility for your machining projects in the area of electrochemical machining (ECM/PECM).

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The right module for each application in electrochemical machining.

Electrochemical machining (ECM or PECM) can be used to machine a great number of different workpieces. Which technology comes to be used depends on the requirements of the workpiece. ECM can be implemented for deburring, drilling, broaching or even for gear cutting. If you want to achieve a high level of reproduction accuracy, then PECM is the right choice.

EMAG ECM already offers highly specialized machine solutions for both technologies, which are implemented for a wide variety of industries throughout the world. Above all, ECM and PECM are implemented wherever demanding materials (e.g. very hard) are to be machined or if material removal technologies reach their limits or simply are too expensive, e.g. if a burr and chip-free component can only be achieved through elaborate finishing. 

Despite the many advantages that the technology offers, it remains unknown to many users. EMAG ECM now wants to change this with its new PI. To achieve this, the PI 800 ECM machine draws on the successful principle of the CI deburring machine—a machine design that always remains the same and a technology that perfectly matches the application. This allows for fast delivery, low costs and above all simpler handling. 

To begin with, there is the compact machine design. The entire machine technology, incl. electrolyte management and electrical engineering, fits onto a forklift-compatible basic framework. Yet, the actual revolution is the modular design of the machining area. Users can choose from two modules: The PECM module with oscillator and the ECM dipping module, both for simultaneous machining of several identical workpieces.

Mineralit for highest precision

Each of the modules is built onto a machine base made of MINERALIT® polymer concrete, a further innovation that has been adopted from EMAG’s modular machines. MINERALIT® has optimal vibration-damping properties and contributes to the modules’ high precision. The linear guides with absolute measuring systems, which ensure high rigidity and precision during machining operations, are fastened onto the machine base.

Technical Data

Working area mm 1150 x 950
Mounting surface mm 600 x 400
Generator power A (DC) 400–2500
Generator power A (Puls) 400–6000

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  • Compact, modular design with integrated electrolyte filtration
  • Many possible applications
  • Highly rigid machining modules
  • Direct distance measurement using linear scales
  • Oscillation module, 200 mm stroke
  • Dipping module, 400 mm stroke
  • Scalable generator technology/pulse technology
  • SIEMENS S7-1500 machine control unit
  • Monitoring of all parameters with a single control unit
  • Minimum pulse length 50 µs
  • Manual or semi-automatic loading
  • Fast upgrade to full automation
  • -Options available for optimal process and productivity


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