Practical Training: Metal Cutting

Two-day course on machining metal, hard turning, dry machining, threads, drilling and milling.

The training course's theoretical content is complemented by useful and detailed practical exercises at the EMAG training center.



EMAG Academy Salach




3 - 15


350,- €


The benefits

  • You will receive comprehensive, product-independent and sound basic knowledge about the selection and use of machine tools.

Key content:

Fundamentals of materials and cutting materials

  • Materials in general
  • Materials: different substrates
  • Materials: coating processes
  • Materials: PCBN, PKD, ceramics 

Metalworking fundamentals

  • What does it take to make a chip?
  • General cutting forces
  • Fundamental aspects of hardened metal
  • Different angle effects

3 Machining process – turning

  • Turning processes and tools
  • Conditions of contact, tool life criteria
  • Clamping methods for turning
  • Different action angles for turning

Machining process – internal machining

  • Types of internal machining
  • Application tips
  • Various technical aids 

Machining process – drilling

  • Properties of drilling
  • Distribution of forces in the drilling process
  • Modular drills
  • Correcting errors
  • Special geometrical considerations 

General analysis of tool life

  • Wear criteria
  • Causes (mechanical, heat, abrasion)
  • Application tips 

Cutting and forming threads

  • Fundamentals of threads
  • Standards and tolerances
  • Special geometrical considerations
  • Application tips
  • Thread forming and milling 

Milling with insert tips

  • Special considerations of milling with insert tips
  • Cutting forces during milling
  • Uneven spacing, number of blades
  • Measuring surface quality
  • Different milling processes 

Fundamentals of hard turning

  • Functional principle of hard turning
  • Machine requirements
  • Uneven spacing, number of blades
  • Blade designs
  • Application examples 

Fundamentals of dry machining

  • Why dry machining?
  • Heat flow on the cutting edge
  • »MMS systems

Seminar location:

EMAG training center, Salach

Course participants:

This course has been designed for participants with professional experience in the field of metal machining.

Please notice:

In case of the non-achievement of the Minimum number of 3 participants we reserve the right to shift the appointment of this Seminar.


Manuela Sijan


EMAG Academy