Practical Training for Clamping Technology

Intensive one-day course on the subject of clamping devices. The theoretical content is efficiently complemented by detailed practical exercises at the EMAG Demonstration Center.





3 - 15


350,- €


The benefits:

  • This seminar will allow you to extend your specialist skills in the field of clamping technology and acquire knowledge on how to identify problems and avoid faults when handling and using clamping devices.

Key content:

  • Safety
    - Potential dangers posed by rotating clamping devices
    - Safety requirements that modern clamping technology has to fulfill
  • Developing a clamping concept
    - Systematic approach to clamping tasks, taking into consideration cutting force, clamping force, cutting speed, rotation speed, centrifugal force and workpiece deformation
  • Operating power chucks
    - Principle of chuck operation on main spindle
    - Functionality and design of actuating cylinders for clamping
    - Determining the correct clamping force and hydraulic pressure
  • Checking clamping force
    - Methods for measuring clamping force
    - Monitoring the clamping force
    - Live demonstration of a dynamic clamping force measurement on a machine
  • Principles of clamping force
    - Explanation of various clamping principles and their nomenclature
  • Interesting clamping facts
    - Interesting solutions implemented by EMAG
    - Methods for clamping shafts (shaft chuck, face driver, stationary support)
    - Hydraulic expansion clamping
    - Clamping deformation-prone workpieces
    - Future: electrical chuck operation
  • Tips and tricks
    - Experience and tricks for real-life application


This course is intended for participants with work experience in the machining of metals.

Please notice:

In case of the non-achievement of the minimum number of 3 participants we reserve the right to shift the appointment of this Seminar.


Manuela Sijan


EMAG Academy

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