Programming – EMAG specifics

This programming course is directed at the EMAG newcomer and members of the staff with little background knowledge on EMAG program architecture.


EMAG Academy Salach




3 - 6


The benefits

  • You will be familiar with the design of EMAG manufacturing systems and their axes designations
  • You will have an excellent understanding of the EMAG specific program architecture and will be able to interpret all program parameters and ascertain and input the necessary data
  • You will be able to use the available functions more effectively and to increase processing safety at the machine
  • You are able to adjust and optimize existing and planned processes and operating sequences


  • To recognize and increase machine flexibility
  • To safeguard and increase output
  • To increase the process integrity of machining cycles

Central elements

  • Technical machine data
  • EMAG axes designations
  • Subroutine techniques and nesting
  • Parameters, variables and program jumps
  • EMAG CNC program architecture
  • Parameterizing of workpiece-specific subroutines
  • Parameterizing the tool management
  • Parameterizing of the measuring program
  • Parameterizing of the workpiece handling equipment (automation)


Basic knowledge of general turning and milling technology, basic knowledge of DIN ISO programming


Operators, setters, supervisors, team leaders, planning engineers, programmers

Course duration

3 days

Important supplementary course

  • Practical training
  • Setting up EMAG manufacturing systems


Manuela Sijan


EMAG Academy

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