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Modular Lathe for Vertical 4-Axis Shaft Machining

Modular Lathe for Vertical 4-Axis Shaft Machining

Maximum Efficiency in Shaft Production – VT 2 Lathes

Short cycle times, high precision and safe processing are among the outstanding attributes of shaft machining on the turning machines of the VT series.

These lathes literally turn the classical horizontal machining process on its head.

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Modular Lathe for Vertical 4-Axis Shaft Machining

Four axes, short travels, a powerful main spindle – these are the strengths of the VT 2 turning machine. The use of a “two-sided” process massively reduces machining times on VT lathes, allowing for large component batch sizes to be manufactured quickly.

Flexibility is guaranteed with the use of two tool turrets, each with eleven stations, all of which can be equipped with turning tools and driven tools. Automation is fully integrated on these lathes, as the turret loads and unloads workpieces into the machining area. While one gripper, occupying the twelfth position of the turret, conveys a new raw part into the machine, the other removes the finished component. This changeover process takes only six seconds, depending on the workpiece.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
Gripper diameter, max. mm
Workpiece dia., max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
Main spindle: Power rating at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle kW ./ hp 21/14.1 ./ 28/19
Main spindle: Torque at 40 % / 100 % duty cycle Nm ./ ft-lb 130/90 ./ 96/66
Main spindle: Speed, max. rpm 6,000

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  • Shorter cycle times through four-axis machining
  • Less investment required in sensors, as the machine axes are direct driven and the machine’s control system is of the latest design
  • Short setting and resetting times owing to great machine accessibility and operator friendliness
  • Less operator intervention (tailstock and steady are CN-controlled, the turrets can be accessed directly)
  • The vertical construction of the machine and the resulting free chip flow prevent the creation of chip clusters
  • Less expense for automation and peripherals
  • Raw-part and finished component storage form an integral part of the machine
  • Reduced idle times through cycle time-concurrent loading and unloading
  • The machine can be used as a stand-alone or in a production line
  • The compact, vertical construction of the machine makes for a small footprint



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