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EMAG Group receives major order from KamLitKZ

Several important economic agreements were signed during the German-Kazakh Economic Forum, which took place in the Kazakh capital Astana on June 20, 2023. The economic forum was attended by prominent politicians, including Kazakh President Kassym-Schomart Tokajew and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. One of the outstanding agreements was a major contract for the EMAG Group. The contract with KamLitKZ, a major Kazakh industrial company, covers a large order in the mid-double-digit million range and includes the delivery of 35 machines used in manufacturing systems.


KamLitKZ is planning a new plant to produce truck axles in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. With a planned capacity of approximately 74,000 axles per year, KamLitKZ is facing a massive expansion of production.

The EMAG Group, known for its expertise in the development and manufacture of manufacturing systems, will not only supply the machines for soft and hard machining, but also ensure their automation. The project includes 20 different families of workpieces that will be machined on EMAG's manufacturing systems.

With this major order, the EMAG Group underlines its competence in the field of manufacturing systems. The key to the success of this project lies in the EMAG Group's ability to offer individual solutions tailored to the customer's specific needs. In doing so, it uses its comprehensive know-how to optimally coordinate all aspects from machine development to automation.


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