Internships for finding a professional direction at EMAG

What is precise? What does a machine tool do? And where do I really have the best professional opportunities? – an internship for secondary-school students will enable you to gain some initial insights.

"When I was doing my internship, I used a lathe for the first time. I have since completed my training as an industrial management assistant and am now working in the customer service department of the EMAG Group."


Internships for secondary-school students at the EMAG Group

The EMAG Group will enable you to get your feet wet in the work world as part of a number of different occupational-orientation programs at schools. You can also use your school vacations to work as an intern.

An internship will help you get to know apprenticeship occupations and dual study opportunities that combine a vocational education with a degree program.

Preliminary and introductory internships

While you are attending school, we will introduce you to our production processes and give you hands-on experience that focuses on the special business areas of our company. You will get to know our wide array of departments and soon find out what you like to do.

With a preliminary and introductory internship, you will lay a foundation for the next stage of your occupational training. 


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