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PO 100 SF

The Cost-Effective Solution for Complex Turbine-Blade Machining with PECM Technology.

The machine construction technology used for producing turbine components is developed at EMAG ECM GmbH – the technology center for Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) within the EMAG Group. The compact PO 100 SF model is configured for the machining of turbine blades.

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PECM Technology for "Soft" Turbine-Blade Machining

EMAG's PECM technology is used on the PO 100 SF.

This technology is a targeted refinement of the ECM process, where the gap between the workpiece and the tool through which the electrolyte solution flows is especially narrow. Simultaneously, the feed is superimposed by a mechanical oscillation movement. The two factors together ensure an even more effective, precise removal of the material – which generates financial benefits as well. Expensive milling tools are no longer required, and thermal influences do not impact the turbine blades. This and perfect surfaces with low roughness values produced by the PECM process ensure that post-processing is practically eliminated.

Technical Data

Clamping surface mm 370 x 450 x 360
Machining area mm 750 x 600
Generator power A (DC) 2 x 2.500 – 5.000
Generator power A (Puls) 2 x 6.000 – 12.000

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  • MINERALIT® polymer concrete machine base 
  • Two Oscillators with zero backlash 
  • Y-axis 
  • Hydraulic zero point clamping system 
  • Machine control unit SIEMENS SINUMERI K 840D sl


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