EMAG SAMPUTENSILI (EMAG SU) – Gear production methods


Samputensili Machine Tools joined the EMAG Group in February 2021.

With EMAG SU, EMAG is systematically expanding its scope of technology by adding a range of gear production methods: shaving, shaping, tooth flank grinding, profile grinding and generating grinding.

For around 50 years, Samputensili has been developing and producing a wide range of tool machines at the company's headquarters in Bentivoglio, near Bologna – lately under the umbrella of the independent company Samputensili Machine Tools. The focus has been on rough and fine machining of gears, shafts, worms, rotors and other screw-type workpieces used in machine manufacturing, aerospace technology, the automotive industry and robotics.

With its outstanding innovative solutions – for example for generating grinding, shaving and shaping – Samputensili offers its customers a competitive edge and a quick return on investment. High-tech features, such as linear drives, energy-saving concepts, parallel processes and integrated measuring and dressing units are evidence of the company's high standards. Samputensili continuously invests in research and development. Here the focus lies on the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the machine.




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