Environmental protection

At EMAG environmental protection is very important.

We aim to make all out processes – from production to assembly and from administration to end product – as environmentally friendly as possible. The most important contribution we can make to the preservation of our environment is the quality of our products. They are known for their durability, their energy efficiency, their futuristic design and their quality. With all our products we also pay attention to environmental compatibility and recyclability.

EMAG’s environmental vision

The EMAG Environmental Management System forms the basis on which we are going to improve our awareness of environmental issues.

Sustainable, environment-friendly behavior leads to corporate success and is an inherent part of EMAG values. EMAG develops durable, qualitatively first-grade, wear-resistant machine tools that are characterized by high productivity levels and exceptional workmanship.

All processes employed in the company are as environment-friendly in design as possible. Our innovations always place emphasis also on environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Appointment of environmental protection officer

To ensure that the requirements of the environmental control system are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, EMAG management has appointed the following staff member as responsible for environmental control. 


Michael Hirzel


Environmental Control Officer

Mr. Hirzel will be available to answer your questions, take note of your recommendations and help with any possible problems.