09/20/2018 - Markus Isgro

Additive Fertigung im Fokus: EMAG beteiligt sich an Pionier im Metall-3-D-Druck

Die additive Fertigung mit Metallwerkstoffen gehört ab sofort zum Angebotsportfolio der EMAG Gruppe: Der Weltmarktführer für vertikale Pick-up-Drehmaschinen und Anbieter von modularen Turn-Key-Fertigungslösungen hat eine Minderheitsbeteiligung am Berliner Unternehmen GEFERTEC erworben, das seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2015 die Entwicklung des neuen Industriestandards 3DMP® (3D Metal Print)...

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09/05/2018 - Markus Isgro

EMAG ECM: Non-Contact Manufacturing of E-Bike Drive Shafts

Technology is becoming more complex while simultaneously time unit volume is rapidly increasing. A perfect example of this can be seen when looking at the e-bike market. Some product innovations even remind us of the automotive industry: The first ABS systems and automatic transmissions for e-bikes have made their debuts this year. Another goal for developers is to introduce smaller and lighter...

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08/23/2018 - Markus Isgro

VL 1 TWIN Line from EMAG: A Pioneer for the Production of Planetary and Sun Gears, Cams, and more!

The challenges in the automotive industry are growing—and fast. Take transmissions for instance: Existing systems such as automatic torque converters and dual-clutch transmissions are constantly being enhanced. These are being supplemented by unique hybrid drives and assistance systems, which increase the complexity of the overall system. In this context, the main goal of quality managers is “zero...

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EMAG at the AMB: Highly Productive Solutions for Networked Automotive Manufacturing

How can demanding automotive components be manufactured even more efficiently, and what role does the digitalization of production play? The EMAG Group will be answering these questions, and more September 18 - 22 at this year’s AMB exhibition in Stuttgart. The machinery manufacturers will be showing several high-performance solutions in action—including the twin-spindle pick-up turning center VL...

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09/20/2018 - Markus Isgro

Industrie 4.0 Kooperation: EMAG erwirbt Anteile am Datenanalyse-Spezialisten anacision

Die umfassende Analyse der vielen Sensor- und Produktionsdaten, die jede Maschine während ihres Betriebs erzeugt, ist eine Grundvoraussetzung für Industrie 4.0 Lösungen – folglich hat das Know-how rund um diese Datenanalyse auch eine strategische Bedeutung für zukünftige Entwicklungen im Maschinenbau. Vor diesem Hintergrund übernimmt die EMAG Gruppe eine Minderheitsbeteiligung am Unternehmen...

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06/22/2018 - Markus Isgro

The CI machine from EMAG ECM: A Highly Effective Solution for Deburring Complex Components

Autonomous steering and brake systems, hydro-pneumatic chassis, or radically improved gas mileage – these buzzwords represent a technological change that is triggering a domino effect in the automotive and other industries. An increasing number of components have to satisfy extremely demanding quality requirements. They need to leave the production process in perfect condition and without any...

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04/27/2018 - Markus Isgro

HLC 150 H by EMAG KOEPFER: All-round gear-cutting solution for more flexibility and lower cost

More than ever, planners in the automotive industry are faced with the crucial challenge of flexibility in production technology. Manufacturers continually need to cope with modified ranges of components. For instance, the geometry can change very quickly. For gear cutting in particular, this development can reach new extremes. Take the example of steering components: Production planners are...

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