Weiss W 11 CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder

05/14/2020 - Markus Isgro

W 11 CNC from EMAG Weiss—Manual CNC-Supported External and Internal Cylindrical Grinder

The EMAG Group is breaking new ground with the W 11 CNC cylindrical grinder from EMAG Weiss. The company from Salach, near Stuttgart, Germany, is primarily known for its turning and grinding machines intended for high-volume production. With its W 11 CNC, it now aims to reach those who produce individual parts, prototypes or small batches. The W 11 CNC also offers users many carefully engineering...

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Production systems for truck differentials from EMAG LaserTec


Lightweight Design for Commercial Vehicles: EMAG LaserTec is developing a holistic production solution for large truck differentials

When the catch phrase “lightweight design” is used for the automobile production, it typically refers to passenger cars, rarely commercial vehicles. However, there is an enormous amount of potential for weight reduction and cost savings when considering the large, heavy parts needed for the drivetrain in trucks. Recently, a supplier in North America demonstrated the possibilities and benefits...

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Mann Mit Ausrufezeichen

03/13/2020 - Oliver Hagenlocher

General instructions for dealing with the coronavirus

In order to counteract a further spread of the coronavirus, we have established the following company regulations for visitors, suppliers and external service providers:

All personal contact must be kept to a minimum. Where it is not absolutely necessary, face-to-face meetings should be avoided and replaced by telephone calls or web conferences.

This applies in particular to people who have been...

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Manufacturing of couplings in the premium segment

02/27/2020 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Oilfield Technology: The World Premiere of EMAG’s In-Process Non-Contact Thread Measuring System

According to the 2018 energy study of the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), with a share of 30.5% of the world’s primary energy consumption, oil remains the most important source of energy.

However, global trade restrictions complicate the extraction and importation of this “black gold”. China, for example, is required to extract its own oil in order to meet...

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EMAG honored as an outstanding supplier by Sisamex

02/24/2020 - Markus Isgro

EMAG Receives “Outstanding Supplier” Award from Sisamex

The EMAG Group and Sisamex, a member of the Mexican Quimmco Group, have been production partners for over 20-years. At its plants in Monterrey, Sisamex produces a large variety of workpieces for trucks, agricultural and utility vehicles for many renowned manufacturers. Since 1997, Sisamex and EMAG have worked together to install a variety of EMAG machines and technologies including soft and hard...

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Scroll-Free Turning of Thin Walled Components - EMAG
Vertical Turning Machine VL 1 TWIN with Loading Robot - EMAG
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