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VMC 450 MT

VMC 450 MT

VMC 450 MT - Turn/Mill Machine

The Turning / Milling Centers in the VMC MT series are ideal production systems for chucked components with complex geometries.

Whether used for prototype production or fast changes in small production runs, the VMC MT series from EMAG is ideally designed to meet the demands of flexible production situations thanks to the accessibility of the machining area and the bottom-mounted workpiece spindle.

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Vertical Turn/Mill Machine for machining chucked parts up to 450 mm

Universality is the main feature of the VMC MT series, which can be configured to suit almost any customer demand. Not only is the whole range of technologies for turning, drilling and milling available,  but but various spindle options compliment these options.

However, it is the use of a tool magazine which allows the most complex geometries to be achieved with a wide variety of parts, making the VMC 450 MT turn/mill machine a genuine productivity center. Various tool magazines with up to 80 tool positions can be selected.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm

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  • Highly dynamic axes for short idle times and quick machining processes
  • All the service units are easy to reach
  • Axis monitoring by rotary, indirect absolute encoders. All axes with an optional fully encapsulated linear glass scale
  • Generously dimensioned main spindle, maintenance-free spindle motors and rigid guideways
  • Machine base made of MINERALIT®, 6 to 8 times better damping properties than gray cast iron

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