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Turning/milling center VMC 450-5 MT

Turning/milling center VMC 450-5 MT

Multi-Functional Turning and Milling Center VMC 450-5 MT

The EMAG VMC 450-5 MT vertical and multi-functional turning/milling center offers new flexibility for machining large components for commercial vehicles, such as truck planetary carriers, clutches, or brake components.

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Turning/milling center VMC 450-5 MT: Complete machining of components on 5 axes

Universality and flexibility are the main features of the VMC MT Series - which can be configured to fit almost any customer demand. This machine delivers with a full range of technologies for turning, drilling, milling and gear cutting. Various spindles and tool socket versions round out the range, enabling complete machining in a single clamping operation.

Turning/milling center VMC 450-5 MT ensures minimal non-productive times

The five axes are the key to the solution: The main process is always turning. In addition, drilling and milling operations can be carried out with the full-featured tool spindle. EMAG has also equipped the machine with a B axis and a Y axis. As a result, gear hobbing and power skiving are covered by the standard modular system. This means that the machine has virtually all the technologies on board that are required for completing a component.

True complete machining with one machine

Depending on the component, the EMAG VMC 450-5 MT may be used for all machining steps from the raw part to the finished part – processes that used to require up to three different machines! This has some outstanding benefits for the user: The retooling effort required after a batch change is minimal, individual processes are perfectly adapted to each other (non-productive times are very short), and the single clamping operation ensures high process reliability.

High-tech components

Last but not least, EMAG’s design engineers are using a high-quality modular system: For example, the VMC 450-5 MT has a low-vibration MINERALIT®machine base, high-quality linear guides, a compound slide rest with a high feed rate and a large tool magazine for 80 tools.

High Performance Internal Gearing with Power Skiving

The five-axis VMC machine is perfectly prepared for the demanding task of internal gearing using power skiving. Not only does the machine have an extremely powerful milling spindle (SP3), which makes fast feed speeds and therefore short cycle times possible, but thanks to the excellent rigidity of all components and the perfect control of all axes (particularly the B-axis and C-axis), it also produces high precision gearing results.

Technical Data

Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel (optional) mm

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  • 5-axis and multi-technology enable effective complete machining   
  • Fast retooling and a large tool magazine increase the overall machine effectiveness
  • A solid, firm machine base ensures minimal vibration  
  • Quality management with protected measuring probe
  • Small footprint
  • Powerful main spindle and turning/milling spindle ensure excellent performance data 
  • Automation ready



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