12/15/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

SW: High-productivity makes it big

SW extends its BA W06 series to cover large components


The twin-spindle automatics from SW stand for high-productivity manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry. With its innovative machining center BA W06-2W SW is about to conquer the...

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11/07/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG: The VL, now with Y-axis

In an effort to thoroughly explore the possibilities of the VL series the machines are continuously developed further. Now the VL has also become available with a Y-axis. This allows for the machining of very complex geometries. For instance, it can...

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11/07/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

KOEPFER: K 160 The perfect shaft in record time

The main limiting factors of throughput and reduced idle times are cutting speeds, work piece loading methodology and ease of machine setup. In high volume production these are decisive economical factors. The K 160 Gear Hobbing Machine from Koepfer...

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10/12/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

HL 1000 – Oil hole drilling in hardened crankshafts

With its HL 1000 EMAG presents an oil hole drilling machine for soft as well as hardened crankshafts.

The advantage of hard machining: fractures and hardening cracks are safely avoided.


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07/17/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

Complete-machining of chucked components with the help of process combinations

The quality requirements for, in particular, components used by the automotive industry and provided by its sub-contractors are getting ever more stringent. The demand for tighter tolerances is coupled with that for greater efficiency. To fulfil...

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06/09/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG VLC 1200: Process integration instead of workpiece tourism – to make the manufacture of small batches of large chucked components economical

With its VLC 1200 Vertical Production Center EMAG extends its VLC series for the machining of large chucked components. The new VLC complete-machines chucked components with a diameter of up to 1200 mm in a single setup, replacing the vertical boring...

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02/06/2008 - Oliver Hagenlocher

EMAG LASER TEC - ELC 250 DUO: Complete solutions – from metal cutting to laser machining

Laser welding as a means to permanently join components has gained considerably in importance over the last few years. In many cases laser welded joints are the solution to a more compact design. It also leads to a reduction in the cost and weight of...

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