Gear Generating Grinding Machine G 160 - workpiece tables

17/05/2023 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

Tooth Flank Grinding with EMAG SU: Perfect Surface Finishes and Very Short Cycle Times Enable Electric Mobility

Gear grinding is currently attracting a lot of attention, especially in the production of components for electric drives. Production planners are demanding new solutions for a perfect surface that assures their necessarily smooth running at high speeds and heavy torque loads. To see how a high-tech…

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Markus Clement, new CEO of the EMAG Group.

03/04/2023 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

Markus Clement becomes new CEO of EMAG GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Prokop will hand over the CEO position to Markus Clement on April 1, 2023. "My mandate was to lead EMAG until a long-term and forward-looking appointment is found for this responsible position. Markus Clement and I made contact very early on and discussed future opportunities. A…

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Robot cell from EMAG in combination with two VL 3 DUOs

15/02/2023 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

TrackMotion, Robot e Co.:

Come i fornitori e i produttori per conto terzi traggono vantaggio dalle soluzioni di automazione snella

Le ragioni per l'utilizzo dell'automazione e della robotica nell'industria manifatturiera sono molteplici e vanno dalla compensazione della mancanza di manodopera alla semplificazione dei…

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Hard coating of brake discs by laser cladding.

16/01/2023 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

The EMAG Group and HPL Technologies conclude extensive Cooperation Agreement

EMAG and HPL Technologies agree on an extensive cooperation in the field of hard coating of brake discs. Hard-coated brake discs are the preferred solution for compliance with the "EURO 7" fine particulate matter limits.

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Combining Power Skiving and Turning: VSC 400 PS from EMAG

07/11/2022 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

VSC 400 PS is a Marvel of Efficiency: Combining Power Skiving and Turning – For Complex Gear Cutting Solutions

For many gear manufacturers, power skiving is getting very interesting, and not without reason, since the technique is much faster than shaping and more flexible than hobbing and broaching. However, for many years, the technique was considered quite complex. Against this backdrop, the new…

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from left to right: Dr. Mathias Klein Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Prokop Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sven Hartwich Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

26/09/2022 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

New management trio at EMAG making plans for the future

A new company management trio combined with a whole range of new products and innovations – EMAG is moving into the next few months with real momentum, and can look back on a successful first half of the year with a very strong order intake. There has also been a new CEO on board since July, in the…

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The new automation cells from EMAG

30/08/2022 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

EMAG at the AMB 2022 in Stuttgart: Making industrial production more flexible, more productive, and more sustainable

Maximum productivity and sustainability, with flexible machine solutions for many different production tasks and sectors – this best summarizes the EMAG Group’s focus for this year’s presence at the AMB from September 13 to 17 in Stuttgart. At the trade fair, the specialists present their…

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Maintenance is an important element in the life cycle of machines.

26/07/2022 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

Inspection and Maintenance by EMAG: Reduce unnecessarily costly machine downtimes through targeted measures

The greatest benefit of regular maintenance in industrial production is obvious – unscheduled machine downtimes are systematically avoided, which has a huge economic benefit for users. Take, for example, a turret. Investing a little money in having the key component in the machine tool regularly…

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Laser Metal Deposition nella ELC 450 LMD EMAG.

20/06/2022 - Oliver Hagenlocher - Press

Applicazioni laser per l'elettromobilità

Sono molte le sfide nel settore dell'elettromobilità o, per essere più precisi, nella produzione industriale dell'e-mobility. Precisione, pesi ottimizzati, nuovi standard ambientali e così via: i requisiti per gli organi di trasmissione del moto sono molto alti. La tecnologia laser è in grado di…

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