Torni modulari VL

Una struttura che provvede a incrementi di rendimento nella produzione: le macchine della serie VL sono torni verticali di minimo ingombro con automazione integrata.

Panoramica: torni modulari della serie VL

(5) macchine trovate

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    • Ø max. pezzo: 100 mm | 4 in
    • Lunghezza max. pezzo: 150 mm | 6 in
    • Diametro massimo mandrino: 160 mm | 6.5 in
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    • Ø max. pezzo: 150 mm | 6 in
    • Lunghezza max. pezzo: 110 mm | 4.5 in
    • Diametro massimo mandrino: 210 mm | 8.5 in
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    • Ø max. pezzo: 200 mm | 8 in
    • Lunghezza max. pezzo: 200 mm | 8 in
    • Diametro massimo mandrino: 260 mm | 10 in
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    • Ø max. pezzo: 300 mm | 12 in
    • Lunghezza max. pezzo: 250 mm | 10 in
    • Diametro massimo mandrino: 400 mm | 15.5 in
    • Ø max. pezzo: 400 mm | 15.5 in
    • Lunghezza max. pezzo: 300 mm | 12 in
    • Diametro massimo mandrino: 500 mm | 19.5 in

    EDNA IOT-READY EX-WORKS: Get started with data-optimized production with VL series

    Using data analysis, unnecessary downtimes – due to component wear or, in the worst case, due to the failure of a machine – can be reduced or even avoided entirely. Productivity increases of over 10% are the rule here. To make entering the world of data-optimized production as easy as possible for our customers, all the machines of the VL Series now come standard in an IoT-ready state. This means that data analysis on the machines can be started virtually immediately.

    More information about IoT Ready
    The turret of the VL 2 turning machine is located below the working spindle and can hold up to twelve turning or driven tools.

    Highlights of the VL Series of Modular Turning Machines

    • Consistent vertical model families with modular design ensure a large range of versions
    • Ideal for medium and large scale production
    • Every machine features the full range of automation and handling technologies.
    • Designed for manual loading, but also easy to automate
    • Suitable for operation of multiple machines

    The Benefits of the VL Series of Modular Turning Machines

    • Machining of chucked parts = Standard machine concept
    • Small footprint (chaku-chaku or close linear arrangement) = Reduced floor space costs, more possibilities for the machine layout
    • Possibility of simple interlinking via central feeding and discharge belts and pick-and-place unit/changer = flexible as regards to future developments, lower automation costs, and shorter tooling times
    • Integrated automation = No additional costs (interface, etc.)
    • Short transport distances = Optimization of idle times
    • Common parts strategy, standard spare parts warehousing = Lower maintenance costs
    • Ease of operation (extremely accessible machining area) = Quicker machine set-up
    • High energy efficiency = Reduction in energy costs