Macchine usate EMAG con la stessa qualità di quelle “nuove”

In order to increase your production in the short term, some of our modular machines are available to you on short notice. We offer you slightly used, demonstration and trade fair machines at ideal terms. You are free to choose whether you want to set up the machines yourself or use our comprehensive set-up service in order to start production as quickly as possible.

EMAG Machines in Stock

VL 2 and VL 4: For small and medium-sized workpieces
The VL 2 and VL 4 pick-up turning machines are ideal for workpieces with a diameter of up to 100/200 mm. 

VL 6 and VL 8: For large workpieces
If you want to efficiently machine larger workpieces, or are striving to achieve maximum flexibility in production, look no further than the VL 6 and VL 8 pick-up turning machines. 

VL 3 DUO: Modular Multi-Spindle Machines
The VL 3 DUO turning machines creates an extremely efficient production system offering maximum productivity with minimal space requirements

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Completamente revisionate e testate – le macchine usate EMAG presentano la stessa qualità di quelle “nuove”.


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