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HLC 150 H - Horizontal Hobbing Machine

HLC 150 H - Horizontal Hobbing Machine

HLC 150 H – Complete Gear-Cutting Solution for Increased Flexibility, Decreased Costs

HLC 150 H – A complete gear-cutting solution in every way. This high-performance technology can produce an extremely wide range of transmission and anchor shafts, pinions, and planetary gears with a maximum length of 500 mm (20 in).    

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Horizontal Hobbing Machine with Integrated Chamfering Unit for Maximum Productivity

The new HLC 150 H stands out for its numerous innovations and covers a unique spectrum of production applications.

Steering gears or shafts, straight, angled, or worm gearing – the HLC 150 H puts the full expertise of EMAG KOEPFER at the user’s disposal. This unique machine is complemented by a device for the chamfering and deburring of components during loading and unloading without interrupting operation. As a result, it offers perfect gear-cutting, short cycle times, and minimum cost.

Transmission shaft machining by hobbing and chamfering free of secondary burrs

After rough-machining the gears in a first step, the gearing is deburred. The finish is applied during the second hobbing step. The result is a burr-free, chamfered gear.

Technical Data

Module, max. 3
Workpiece diameter, max. mm
Workpiece length, max. mm
Shift distance mm
Hobbing diameter, max. mm
Torque, max. Nm

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  • Unparalleled range of application for pinions, shafts, gears, worm gears, and screws
  • Integrated chamfering technologies
  • Drive technology with outstanding performance data for high-performance machining
  • Proven value for the investment


H L C 150 H Prospect E N

HLC 150 H brochure_EN.pdf


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