W 11 CNC: Insight into the CNC cylindrical grinding machine from EMAG Weiss

A machine that redefines precision and flexibility in manufacturing

by Oliver Hagenlocher

In our latest interview, we take an in-depth look at the W 11 CNC cylindrical grinding machine from EMAG Weiss, a state-of-the-art solution designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of today’s manufacturing industry. Known for its exceptional flexibility and precision, the machine maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of machining processes. With functions ranging from quick and easy retooling to intuitive dialog programming, the W 11 CNC sets new standards in the world of cylindrical grinding. Andreas Hessling, Technical Sales Manager at EMAG, gives an insight into the technical advantages and range of applications of the machine.

Mr. Hessling, can you explain the most important features of the W 11 CNC?

Andreas Hessling, Technical Sales Manager at EMAG

Andreas Hessling, Technical Sales Manager at EMAG

The W 11 CNC is a machine designed for flexibility, precision and economy. It is designed for machining workpieces with a diameter of up to 390 mm and a length of up to 1500 mm. This makes it ideal for single part and prototype manufacture, where it can perform pairing loops and sample production with very high precision.


Front view of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine W 11 CNC

From prototypes to small series: The W 11 CNC supervisors every challenge with exceptional precision.

How exactly does the W 11 CNC support the operator in his work?

A key aspect is the excellent accessibility of the machine. It enables quick and easy changes for workpieces, chucks and tools. In addition, we have developed a dialog programming system that allows the operator to create grinding programs intuitively. This not only makes dressing and tool changes easier, but also makes the entire grinding process more flexible and adaptable.

Dialog programming of the W 11 CNC for intuitive operation

Dialog programming of the W 11 CNC: Intuitive operation for efficient grinding processes.

You mentioned the flexibility of the machine. How important is it in modern production?

In today’s manufacturing environment, particularly in the fields of contract grinding, medical technology and general mechanical engineering, flexibility is crucial. Small series and prototype manufacture require a machine that can be quickly retooled and configured. The W 11 CNC meets these requirements and guarantees process reliability and accuracy, which are essential for final surface finishing.

W 11 CNC_Broad range of workpieces

Precision grinding for a wide range of workpieces with the W 11 CNC.

What technical features contribute to this flexibility?

The W 11 CNC has several technical refinements. These include, for example, the precision bearing of the spindle holder, which enables infinitely variable speed adjustment, or the tailstock, which can be operated both manually and pneumatically. In addition, the directly driven B-torque axis enables infinitely variable swiveling and positioning of the grinding head. These features not only simplify the changeover processes, but also increase the precision and efficiency of the grinding operations.

How quickly can changeover processes be carried out with the W 11 CNC?

One of the most impressive features of the W 11 CNC is that many changeover operations can be carried out very quickly. This is an enormous advantage in the production of part families with frequent part changes. This speed, combined with the high dimensional accuracy of the machine, means considerable time savings and process efficiency.

W 11 CNC cylindrical grinding machine in use

The W 11 CNC cylindrical grinding machine in action: Precision meets flexibility for the production of the future.

In your opinion, what makes the W 11 CNC a future-proof solution for companies?

The combination of technological advances, intuitive operation and the ability to perform a wide range of grinding tasks with the highest precision makes the W 11 CNC a machine that can not only meet today’s manufacturing requirements, but also those of the future. Its versatility and efficiency offer our customers a future-proof investment.

You can find more information about the CNC cylindrical grinding machine W 11 CNC here.

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