VL 1 TWIN Dual-Spindle Turning Center with Loading Robot

by Markus Isgro

The VL 1 TWIN has set the new standard for the high-output, simultaneous machining of workpieces with a maximum dimaeter of 75 mm (3 in). This turning center has two main spindles in one machining area that are able to simultaneously machine two identical workpieces – resulting in substantially increased output quantities, and lower unit costs.

A Proven Structure

At EMAG, we stick to our proven principles – and the VL 1 TWIN is no exception. Including a rock-solid base made of MINERALIT® polymer concrete, an EMAG turret with direct drive, as well as two water-cooled motor spindles (independent alignment in the X and Z directions).

Complex Manufacturing Lines

The turning center is the ideal choice for configuring complex manufacturing lines based on modular solutions. The video shows two VL 1 TWIN machines coupled with a loading robot. The VL 1 TWIN is best suited for the mass production of transmission components such as planetary and sun gears, as well as bevel gears.

You will find all the relevant details about the VL 1 TWIN here.

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