Tradition and Precision

How Sabatti Spa uses high-tech production methods to continue traditional craftsmanship

by Oliver Hagenlocher

Sabatti Spa is a renowned family business whose origins go back 350 years with the gunsmith Ludovico Sabatti, is deeply rooted in the tradition of gunmaking. The actual company was founded in the post-war period by Antonio Sabatti and has since built a reputation for precision and craftsmanship. Under the direction of Emanuele Sabatti, the grandson of the company founder, Sabatti Spa has expanded its product range from simple gun parts to high-quality over-and-under shotguns, double-barrel shotguns and carbines. Manuel Steinhauer had the opportunity to interview Emanuele Sabatti, a visionary and technology enthusiast, who has led the company into the modern world of firearms technology without losing sight of its rich tradition and centuries-old heritage. Today, Sabatti Spa is at the forefront of innovation in firearms manufacturing, balancing time-honored craftsmanship with modern technology, making the company one of the leading names in the industry.

Hello Mr. Sabatti. Can you start by telling us something about the history of Sabatti Spa?

Yes, of course. The history of the actual Sabatti Spa company began shortly after the Second World War, when my grandfather Antonio Sabatti, together with Giuseppe Tanfoglio, manufactured weapon parts in a village near Gardone Val Trompia. He founded the company there in 1960. In the beginning, we mainly produced components for the gun manufacturers in Val Trompia, but over time we expanded our product range to include over and under and double rifles as well as other weapons.

Emanuele Sabatti & Manuel Steinhauer

Picture from left: Emanuele Sabatti & Manuel Steinhauer, Technical Sales – EMAG ECM


I would also like to know something about your personal career.

After completing my technical studies, I joined our family business. At that time, Sabatti Spa began manufacturing its first carabiners with my collaboration. This phase was an important turning point in the company’s design and development and laid the foundations for our success today. As Managing Director, I have focused on driving the company forward through innovation and the introduction of new technologies. I am convinced that innovation is the key to this. That’s why I traveled to Germany to learn about electrochemical machining (ECM). We have integrated these technologies into Sabatti Spa’s production, strengthening our position as a market leader in the production of rifled barrels.

Workarea of PI 2500

Sabatti uses the PI 2500 with ECM rifling technology from EMAG to produce high-precision gun barrels.


How have Sabatti Spa’s production methods and product range changed over the years?

We have developed considerably over the last four decades. We started with the production of carbines and the use of hammer machines. The introduction of rifled barrels was an important step for us, and today this is our main production area. I, myself, have always emphasized innovation and tried to keep up with the times. For example, we have patented a new rifling technology, the MMR Rifling, which delivers excellent shooting results.

Testing of rifled barrels

The MMR rifling process patented by Sabatti stands for outstanding shooting results and underlines the company’s pioneering role in the manufacture of rifled barrels.


What role does tradition play in your company and how do you combine it with modern technologies?

Tradition plays a major role. Our family has been in the gunsmithing business for 350 years. This long history motivates us to maintain craftsmanship and quality while integrating modern technologies. A good example of this is the use of electrochemical machining (ECM) in barrel production, which enables greater precision and consistent quality.

Operator at ECM machine

Sabatti uses electrochemical machining (ECM) to maximize the precision and performance of firearms with its patented rifling process – a milestone in modern firearms manufacturing.


What are Sabatti Spa’s current challenges and goals?

One of our biggest challenges is to remain competitive in an ever-changing market while maintaining our quality standards. Our aim is to be a leader in the manufacture of rifled barrels and to constantly improve our products. One current project, for example, is a hunting carbine with an ECM-machined barrel and an innovative, lightweight design.

ECM Machine at Sabatti

The integration of ECM technology into the production of rifled barrels represents a breakthrough for Sabatti, which not only improves shooting accuracy, but also combines the tradition of gun manufacturing with forward-looking production methods.


Finally, what motivates you personally in your daily work?

My greatest motivation is the satisfaction of our customers. When shooters come to me and say that our products work better than those of the competition, it gives me the confirmation and the energy to keep going. The curiosity and striving for improvement that I have had since my youth still drive me today.

More information on the ECM rifling technology used

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