Networking @ EMO: Interview with Jörg Lohmann from EMAG KOEPFER

by Markus Isgro
Interview J.Lohmann

“Smart technologies drive tomorrow’s production!” That is the motto for EMO 2019 in Hanover, Germany. But we believe that smart people, and not just smart technologies, are what matters—and we need to bring those people together to talk.

So, at the EMAG Group’s booth, we will be focusing not just on networked technologies, but also on networking with our visitors.

To give you a preview of who you really should talk to at the EMO, over the next few weeks we will be publishing regular interviews with the EMAG experts who will be there in person.

Interview with Jörg Lohmann, EMAG KOEPFER

Mr. Lohmann, with just a few days to go until EMO, are you excited?

No, excited isn’t the right word. I would say I’m looking forward to it. A trade show like the EMO is always something special.

What exactly are you looking forward to?

In general, I would say that I’m looking forward to the conversations. Conversations with colleagues from across the EMAG world, because we don’t get to see each other all that often in our day to day business. Conversations with colleagues from other companies, and of course conversations with visitors. EMO is unique in terms of the diversity of its participants. One minute I can be talking to a production manager from Italy, and the next a visitor from China, Thailand or India will drop by. You don’t really get that at other trade shows. Ultimately, that’s what makes the EMO so special: the variety, the many cultures, the different projects—it’s just such a great pleasure.

Do you have any specific expectations?

Of course, you go to trade shows with certain expectations. At EMAG, we view the EMO as an extension of our technology forum which took place in May. The aim of the forum was to provide guidance: to show the direction the industry is moving in. We invited experts to tell all participants about the changes that electromobility and digitalization will bring. At the EMO, I expect to see solutions that address these changes. At EMAG we have drawn on the insights gained from the technology forum to configure our stand and pack it with content so that visitors will get answers to these pressing questions. 

And what answers will EMAG KOEPFER be giving?

You will find us in various places. Our gear-cutting machines are often a part of the production line projects that EMAG implements. We will be presenting a project involving planetary gears at the EMO—with EMAG KOEPFER machines, naturally. We will also be showing our newest horizontal hobbing machine, the HLC 150 H—our universal solution for a wide range of gear-cutting applications. People often say that electromobility involves very little gear-cutting, but that isn’t the case at all—the tasks are simply becoming more complex. Think about all those driver assistance and convenience systems, such as power seats, automatic hatch openers, autonomous driving, etc. They all use gear wheels and worm gears, and manufacturing solutions need to be developed for all of these components. With the HLC 150 H, we have a machine that can be used to produce all of them.

See Mr. Lohmann present the HLC 150 H in this video:


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You’ve already answered my final question: why should people visit the EMAG stand?

I don’t have too much more to add. As I said, the EMAG Group’s booth is the right place for anyone looking for solutions and ideas to tackle the challenges that electromobility brings. But then again, we obviously have fitting solutions for many other projects and industries too. If you have any questions about gear-cutting, drop by and speak to me or one of my colleagues—that’s what we’re there for.

Thank you for this interview!

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