Induction heating: Perfect preparation for welding

by Markus Isgro
Induction heating: Preparation for welding

Welding processes in the automotive industry pose a special challenge for production planners. The process must be performed within seconds and without any negative impact on the material – anything but a trivial requirement when one considers the high process temperatures. Pre-heating before welding, therefore, takes a key role. The component is heated precisely to the required process temperature of around 160 to 180 degrees Celsius. This prevents unwanted heating of the material structure in the heat-affected zone, the area directly surrounding the weld. Pre-heating effectively prevents the formation of cracks in the component after welding.

Induction heating within five seconds

However, the question is which methods are suitable for pre-heating a part quickly and with high precision? eldec’s induction technology is the perfect solution to this challenge, offering extremely high-performance specifications, if required. Today, cycle times as short as five seconds may be requested. By the way, the pre-heating temperature should always be slightly higher than the process temperature, since the component already cools down slightly on the way to the welding station.

Induction heating with precision

The factory in Dornstetten makes generators and inductors using efficient manufacturing processes, in addition to performing extensive research on trial inductors and generators. For example, thermographic imaging is used to verify that only the desired areas of a component are heated. In the end, the customer receives a technology that is faster, more efficient and more reliable than competing solutions for pre-heating components before welding.

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