Induction heating with ECO LINE: Easy integrated into any system

by Markus Isgro
Induction heating with ECO LINE generators from eldec

Induction heating is ideally suited for setting up automated production processes. The technology is easy to integrate into the overall process flow and enables the machining of very large part quantities quickly, precisely and safely. Hardening, joining, brazing and pre-heating are examples of applications that benefit from this flexible technology.

Focus on the generator

The generator, however, plays an important role. It is the central source of energy for induction and must satisfy strict quality requirements. The technology must also have very advanced power electronics and multiple connection options for easy integration in machines and processes.

Many options for connections and outputs

With that in mind, the induction experts at eldec developed ECO LINE generators. With numerous connections, these devices are easy to integrate into higher-level control systems. Optionally, eldec offers the ECO LINE with two outputs. This is important, for example, when two inductors are needed to produce parts with different geometries.

Certified quality

Every generator is made using advanced manufacturing processes and undergoes a thorough inspection before shipping. This is the only way we can live up to our own expectations for power density and reliability. As a result, the devices do not require any maintenance at all and perform quietly for many years.

ECO LINE generators for induction heating

ECO LINE series generators are a great match for virtually any production solution.

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